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Terms and Conditions | PayZe - Be Different.

Acceptance of these Terms

The PayZe® prepaid plastic card (“Card”) is issued by Tranxactor New Zealand Limited. By purchasing, activating or using the Card, you agree to these Terms & Conditions and any associated charges set out at the end of these Terms & Conditions. We may update our Terms and Charges by posting changes to the website. Any changes will automatically take effect 14 days after they are posted. 

Important: We will never ask for your plastic card number. You must not disclose your card number or other card information to any website or person except for the purpose of making a purchase or checking your card balance. You are liable for any loss or unauthorised transactions on your card where you have disclosed your card number other than for the purpose of making a purchase. For security purposes, your card has an alternate number “P/N” or “Customer Number” located on the back of your card. You will be required to provide this Proxy Number in any communications with the PayZe® Support Team.  If your card is not already activated, this number may be required to activate your card via the PayZe® website

Prepaid Card–Non-reloadable

The PayZe® plastic chip card is a physical card that once activated can be used as a method of payment anywhere in New Zealand and overseas wherever Union Pay cards are accepted.  This includes physical stores or through participating online web stores. The plastic card is contactless.  If you are shopping at a store that accepts Union Pay contactless payments, simply tap the card on the terminal and the payment is complete.  Otherwise, insert the card and select CREDIT if prompted to do so (some stores do not require this step) then input your PIN.  NOTE: You will need to enter your PIN if your purchase is greater than the contactless PIN limit (eg. in NZ it is $200).  The card is non-reloadable.

Limits on Card use

The PayZe® Card cannot be used through manual imprinters, at ATMs, or for mail or telephone orders, gambling or banned merchants, nor can you use the PayZe® Card for direct debits, recurring payments, or payment instalments. The PayZe® Card cannot be used for cash advances and cannot be redeemed for cash. You cannot return a PayZe® Card for a refund. Some merchants may impose different conditions for use so please check with the merchant first. PayZe Cards cannot currently be used online. 

Card Validity

The expiry month and year is printed on the front of your Card and as long as there are funds available your PayZe® Card may be used any time before the Card expires.  Any remaining value on the card at the end of the expiry period will be forfeited automatically on the card expiry date.

Card Values

The PayZe® plastic chip card can be loaded with any value from NZ$100 to NZ$1,000.  The Card is prepaid and cannot be reloaded.  Once the card has been activated, the funds will be available instantly.  There is no interest payable to you on the value loaded or remaining on the Card.  The Card cannot be used after the expiry date printed on the Card.

Foreign currency transactions

Any transactions that are charged in foreign currency will be converted into New Zealand dollars at a rate determined by Union Pay on the date that Union Pay sends the purchase details to us, and that sum will be deducted from the unused value on the Card.  In addition, currency conversion charges will apply.

Card use, security, and restrictions

You are responsible for the use and security of the plastic card and should only give the card to an intended recipient for use.  You must keep the plastic card safe and not leave it anywhere unattended or where it could be removed without being noticed.

The plastic card must be signed by the person intending to use the plastic card as soon as they have received it. The plastic card cannot be used before it has been signed.  You cannot on-sell your card. If you have received your Card as a gift, you are bound by these Terms and your use of the Card indicates your acceptance of these Terms.

As the user of the Card, you cannot assign any of your rights or obligations under these Terms. If you have stolen the Card, or purchased it from unauthorised distributors, you are not entitled to the benefits of the Card, or these Terms and we have no responsibility to you.

Exceeding the value on the Card

You must not authorise transactions on your Card that would result in more being spent than the balance that is currently available. This includes any situation where you could reasonably expect that charges could exceed the available balance, including common examples such as hotels, motels, and car rental agencies, where the card details are held for any potential additional expenses that would be later charged to the Card where applicable.

You must check the available value remaining on the Card regularly and confirm with merchants before you authorise a transaction that may incur additional charges at a later date. 

Lost or stolen Card

Your PayZe Card should be safeguarded and treated like cash.   If the balance on the card exceeds $25 at the time you report its loss and you have a record of the card number, you may contact us to place your card on hold and order a replacement card.  This will be loaded with the balance of the lost / stolen card at the time its loss was reported, less an administration fee of $15.  To enable this, contact our Support Team at [email protected] 

Applicable Charges

Charges are deducted automatically from the unused value of the Card and will apply for using the customer service line, unsuccessful transaction disputes and card replacement. If you use your Card overseas, a foreign currency conversion fee will be charged to the Card. In addition, there may be a charge for purchasing a PayZe® Card. See more details on applicable charges at the end of these Terms & Conditions.

Disputing transactions on your Card

Your PayZe® Card is a prepaid card and must be treated like cash.  There are very limited circumstances in which a disputed transaction greater than NZ$50 can be reversed, which are subject to the Union Pay rules. To dispute a transaction, you must notify us by email at [email protected] within 30 days of the date that the disputed transaction occurred.

If you do not advise us within that timeframe, we will be unable to assist, even if the transaction was unauthorised. You cannot dispute a transaction where you have changed your mind on a product purchase or made a mistake when purchasing a product or service that you have authorised.


Your Card can be suspended without notice if in our standard monitoring of transactions, we have reason to suspect that the Card has been stolen or compromised, is being used fraudulently or for other criminal activity, or that you are not the rightful holder of the Card, are in breach of the Terms, or there is a competing claim on the Card.  Any suspension can be lifted quickly once the issue concerned has been resolved to our satisfaction.

Cancellation for fraud etc

Your Card can be cancelled without notice if required to comply with a court order or, if in our standard monitoring of transactions, we have reason to suspect that the Card has been stolen or compromised, or is being used fraudulently or for other criminal activity, or that you are not the rightful holder of the card, are in breach of the Terms, or there is a competing claim on the card.

Recording phone conversations and use of the Website

For training, security, and legal reasons, we may record calls through the customer service line, and save any direct correspondence including any contact that occurs through the Website.

Your rights as a consumer

You have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Privacy Act. You can find out more about your rights at: act, and

Privacy and your information:

For information on how we collect, store, protect and use your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy, which is available at

Limits on our liability to you

Except for your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, the Fair Trading Act and the Privacy Act, our liability to you in connection with your Card will be limited to the unused balance that remains on your card. We will not be liable to you in connection with your Card for any consequential loss, or any loss of profits, loss of opportunity, or loss of reputation.

For this purpose, loss is “consequential” if it relates to the purposes for which you are relying on the Card, i.e., if other customers using or relying on the Card for a different purpose would not necessarily suffer the same type of loss.

Our right to assign

We can assign any of our rights or obligations under these Terms, to any other party, subject to that other party assuming our obligations under these Terms. Any assignment to another party will be notified on the Website.


If any of these Terms are found to be unenforceable, this does not affect the validity of the rest of these Terms. If there are found to be any issues with any of the Terms, we can make changes to them on the Website. Any changes would take place 14 days after posting to the Website.

Conflict with laws

These Terms will affect your legal rights only to the extent permitted by law. Where the law says you have legal rights that cannot be modified or overridden by the terms of a contract, these Terms will be read subject to those legal rights.

Updates to Terms/Charges

We can update the Terms and Charges by posting the changes to the Website.  Changes will usually take effect until at least 7 days after posting to the Website. Changes will never be made retrospectively, so you will not be bound by the changes if you have already used up the value on the card by the time the changes take effect. Download the PayZe® Card TERMS & CONDITIONS here.

SCHEDULE OF CHARGES Valid 1 October 2023

Charges may change without prior notice




Card purchase charge

When you buy a PayZe® Card through our website or through NZ$5 per card
Maximum individual order up to 5 cards
Postage and Handling Fee delivered to one location
NZ$7.20 per package up to 5 cards
Online Credit Card Payment fee 3%

International transaction charge

When you use your PayZe® card for a foreign currency transaction. 3% of the New Zealand dollar amount for the transaction after it’s been converted

Replacement Card charge

If the remaining Card value is $25 or more, a replacement card can be issued for the value after deducting any charges. $15 handling fee

International Delivery of a PayZe® Card

If you want to send a card to an overseas address (physical address only) NZ$49.50 per card sent by international courier.